Jake Roberts, Recruiter

Throughout his 15 years of experience in sales, management and recruiting - which included three years as a successful business owner - Jake has consistently been recognized for setting the bar. His work ethic is characterized by a drive to go above and beyond, coupled with an acute attention to detail and strong people-oriented insights.

Having also served as an advice coach in business and personal settings, understanding people's needs and working with them to achieve the best outcome is what Jake enjoys the most as a recruiter for Ethos Venture.

"People are going to realize that we are purposely trying to help everybody involved," he said, remarking on the qualities that set Ethos apart from other firms. "That's how we all feel. And I love that. I love teams. Teams are powerful."

As an overachiever with a natural intuition for gauging character and connecting with people, Jake repeatedly rose to leadership roles throughout his career, and was regularly counted on by previous employers to provide a final recommendation in hiring situations.

"Setting a bar is important to me," he says. "Any way that I can help - it's a very good feeling."

A Washington state native, he loves the Inland Northwest for its natural beauty and "it's just a really calm place," he says of Spokane, having lived there eight years and counting.

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