Aaron Roberts, Regional Vice President

Aaron's enthusiasm for problem solving is precisely why he does what he does. Taking the time to listen and genuinely understand the needs of candidates and hiring managers is a quality that sets him apart, and it shows in Aaron's successful track record of helping clients find and hire great talent.

"There is nothing more rewarding than going to work every day, and getting to focus on the needs of other people, and assist them in achieving their career goals," he explains. "I see myself as a resource. I'll prove I can create a solution that benefits everyone."

As co-founder of Ethos Venture, Aaron brings more than 13 years of combined recruiting and consulting experience to the table. He focuses on building meaningful relationships with candidates, and using that insight to identify the right career opportunities when he sees them. His bottom line is reaching a win-win situation for everyone involved.

"The biggest challenge in recruiting is getting to know your clients and connecting with your candidates - the people you're trying to place - and really reading between the lines of a resume," he says. "Having that deeper understanding helps us guide our clients in making positive decisions."

A Pacific Northwest native, Aaron is a WSU alumnus and has resided in Spokane, WA for the last 15 years. His three greatest passions are his family, friends and career.

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